About Aquaponics

Our farm is located just outside the city of Dubai, surrounded by desert, local shops and camel farms. At our farm however you will find something very different. From the outside it will not seem very unlike the surrounding properties, but it is once you step inside you realize it is quite the distinct place.

The first thing you will notice is that you indeed need to step inside to visit our farm. Growing inside in racks several levels high allows us full control of temperature, lighting and more ensuring we can produce consistently all year round even with the harsh UAE climate. Additionally, it means we don’t have to spray our plants with any chemical pesticides, creating clean healthy products and a win for the environment.

Stepping outside you will come across our seasonal nethouse, which will announce itself even before you see it with the sweet smell of flowers tickling your nose. Inside you’ll find a wide variety of flowers in a vast array of colors growing in the soil during the outdoor season. We have chosen to grow them using only organic methods of control and using the plants natural defenses by mixing the varieties throughout.

Finally you will notice all the ways in which we make environmental sustainability a priority at our farm. Firstly of course we are a local farm serving only restaurants within a limited distance which substantially reduces the carbon footprint of our products compared to the rest of the predominantly imported food in the UAE. Additionally our choice for the indoor growing technique reduces water use by 90% compared to traditional farming methods and allows us to grow the plants pesticide-free. Aside from these there are many other choices big and small that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability that we are happy to explain to you at any time. Minimizing environmental impact is a real priority at our farm and one of the main reasons we started it.

We grow to give you the most beautiful product while preserving our precious planet.