Our Story

At Mary Anne’s Fresh Produce, we are committed to bringing the Dubai chef the greatest variety of special products grown locally at our farm through sustainable methods. We are the place to turn to if you are in search of unique flavors and colors for on your plate. It is the combination of the partnerships we build with our chefs and our unique growing method that makes this possible.

The journey started several years ago when I was first introduced to the technique of aquaponics when visiting a local farm in Egypt. Intrigued by the possibilities it offered for the region I began looking into how I could help bring the possibilities of this technique to the UAE. What followed was a time of research into aquaponics and interesting conversations with amazing chefs all over Dubai.

Combining the insights of both these aspects together resulted in the creation of our current farm just outside the city of Dubai. Here we grow a large variety of innovative products that help chefs bring their dishes to the next level. Products range from edible flowers, to microgreens and specialty leaves. We ensure the highest level of quality through our unique growing method (learn more under how grow) and by ensuring every product that reaches your restaurant was only harvested hours before.

At our innovative local farm we strive to be a true partner to you as a chef.